Selside Hall - farmed by John and Mary Martindale at the beginning of the nineteenth century and then by the Mattinson and Airey families.
Ron Hoggarth - Family History

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Other Families

Selected South Westmorland and North Lonsdale families. Many of them are linked by marriages to each other and to the Hoggarths.
I also have trees for many more South Westmorland and North Lonsdale families including those below. If interested in any particular family please contact me by the feedback page.
Atkinsons of Wilson House
Barrows of New House
Bells of Cartmel and Crosthwaite
Cottams of Foulshaw
Ellwoods of Ayside
Farrer (various branches including Farrers of Whitbarrow Lodge, Barker Farrer of Helsington and Kirkby Ireleth)
Graves of Grasmere
Kendalls of Southend, Walney
Martindale (more branches)
Morton of Skelsmergh Hall
Pearson (more branches)
Walkers and Harrisons of Bowland Bridge
Workman Vity

The smithy at Crosthwaite was for many years associated with the Stewardson family. George Stewardson and his son, also George, were in partnership at the smithy from about 1880. The father who had previously worked at a smithy in Underbarrow for over twenty years died in 1916. The son retired in 1927 and gave up the business. In those days a good deal of the work was the shoeing of horses, making farm implements of various sorts, and the hooping of farm carts.